The Rules

Due to COVID-19, the competition has been postponed for 2020, and will relaunch in 2021.  All entrants have been contacted to see if they would like to rollover or have a refund.

Please contact us for further information…

1. The Amatours Matchplay competition is open to male and female CONGU affiliated golfers in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. (NB Female competitors will be able to play in the mixed pairs competition only)
2. The playing format is knock-out Betterball OR Individual matchplay. At the Regional Final the format is 18 holes of Betterball or Individual stableford and the Grand Final consists of four rounds of Better Ball or Individual stableford.
3. Players must have an official CONGU handicap issued by an affiliated golf club at the time of entry and play with a competition status. This should remain competition status for the duration of the competition.
4. Each competitor must have played a minimum of 3 handicap qualifying competitions in April 2021.
5. Each player must play off his / her current handicap which may increase or decrease during the time of the competition.
6. Current handicap certificates must be shown to the opponent prior to the start of the match. If this is not provided at the time of the match and the opponents request to see it, this must be provided to the Amatours Matchplay organisers within 48 hours.
7. In accordance with CONGU guidelines Section 23.B Clause 23.9 (page51) the organisers of the competition have the authority to reduce a competitor’s handicap if there is evidence that his / her handicap is not an accurate reflection of their playing ability.
8. Strokes will be taken on the basis of 9/10 of the handicap difference and taken from the lowest handicap of the fourball. The maximum permitted playing handicap is 20 for men and 30 for ladies.
9. The competition is played as per The Rules of Golf according to The R&A and is approved for the payment of expenses.
10. Competitors must be at least 18 years of age by entry deadline, end April 2021.

11. Under no circumstances must a pair change either of its players once the first game has been played. Any changes to a player within a pair must be applied for directly to the Amatours committee and the decision will be entirely at their discretion.
12. The entry fee is £35 for Individual and £70 for Pairs.
13. Entry is via the online payment form at
14. Closing date for entries is end April 2021 or until all places are filled.
15. A player may enter in both the Better ball and Individual stableford competitions, however should they reach the Grand Final in both formats, he/she will forfeit their place in the individual competition and only go forward in the Better Ball final.
16. Each pair must nominate a home course at which they will play their home matches. If competitors in a pair are members at different clubs they must nominate one club as their home venue. Once a team has played a home match they cannot change their home course unless there is mutual agreement between both sides. As such, an individual or pair can only represent one golf club.
17. If there is a mutual agreement, the venue for any match can be changed to the opponent’s home course.
18. If either player/team has to cancel the match within 48 hours of the match being due to be played, then the opposite side may claim the match.
19. If a player/team arrives more that 10 minutes later than the agreed time to the 1st tee, they will forfeit the match to their opponent.
20. Weekday and Weekend dates and times must be offered for matches.

21. The first round will be drawn in regional groups to minimise travel for entrants. However the further you progress in the competition, you may be required to travel to courses further afield.
22. The use of smart phones and other devices which provide information such as wind speed/direction and distance is prohibited to allow for a fair game.
23. Golf Buggies are permitted at all stages of the competition providing they are permitted by the golf club the match is located, but remain the full responsibility of the person hiring them.
24. The Rules of the local course you are playing at should be known by competitors.
25. Any team or individual who do not meet the entry criteria, or who do not adhere to Amatours Matchplay Rules will be disqualified.
26. The regional draws will be issued during the week commencing 21st April. Player 1 in each pair will receive an email regarding the relevant regional draw which will include the names, handicaps, and home golf club.
27. In all rounds, it is the away team’s responsibility to contact their opponents to arrange a date and time that is mutually agreed. You should aim to contact your opponents to arrange a date within 7 days of receiving the draw.
28. In the first round, the draw for the opposing pair will be made at random by the Amatours committee. With pair A being drawn at home, and Pair B being drawn away. Player 1 will be emailed with who they have been drawn against, with the contact details of the other Pair, to make arrangements to play the draw. Subsequent draws for further rounds will all be made at random by the Amatours committee.
29. The cost of any green fees in knock-out matches must be shared equally between all players in that match and paid before the match begins.
30. It is the responsibility of the home player(s) to make sure that the mutually agreed date and time is available at their course. If for whatever reason the course is not available, the match will be played at the away course.

31. The regional boundaries will be specified at the closing date of entries.
32. All matches must start from the first tee. Play will be from the competition tees, usually white. However if the club does not allow play from the competition tees the match will be played from the tees for general play, usually the yellow tees.
33. In matches involving both ladies and gentlemen, the gentlemen must play from the competition tees and ladies will play from the red tees. If the course does not have red tees then the match must be played at another course which does have red tees. If gentlemen are not permitted to play from the competition tees the match must be played at either the ladies home course or a neutral venue.
34. The winner of each match must report their score to the Amatours Matchplay organisers within 24 hours of play, to
35. Those teams who have received a BYE in the first round will play AWAY in the second round. If two consecutive matches include a BYE the team at the top will play at home.
36. Should a match be all square after 18 holes, you will be required to continue play from the 1st hole until a win is met. If evening matches are arranged, you should allow time for potential extra holes to be played.
37. If after mutual agreement a match has to be abandoned during the first 18 holes, due to lack of daylight or the course becoming unfit for play, then play shall resume from the point where the match was abandoned as stated in the Rules of Golf.
38. If after mutual agreement a match has to be abandoned during a sudden death play off, due to lack of daylight or the course becoming unfit for play, then the match will be continued over 18 holes at the away team’s course on another mutually convenient date.

39. Amatours LLP reserve the right to cancel the event and issue a full refund to entrants should the Matchplay not meet the minimum number of entrants required.
40. Once you have entered, you may withdraw but not be refunded.
41. By entering the Amatours Matchplay, you are agreeing to receiving emails from any of the tournament sponsors. You can unsubscribe from these at any time of your choosing.


The National Finals – Mottram Hall, Cheshire

  1. The National finals will be held in late September 2021 at Mottram Hall, Cheshire.
  2. These finals will also be played as a Betterball and Singles stableford points format.
  3. Finalists will not be required to pay a green fee for their play-off match, as they will attend as the guests of Amatours LLP.
  4. You will receive email notification of your tee time and opponent in advance.
  5. Should a match be all square after 18 holes, you will be required to continue play from the 1st hole until a win is met.
  6. The winning 6 Individuals and 6 Pairs at the top of the stableford table, will go through to the All Inclusive Grand Final in Belek,



The Grand Final – Belek, Turkey

  1. The Grand Finals will be held at the Sueno Deluxe Resort in Belek, Turkey on an All Inclusive Basis.
  2. The finals will be played over 4 days, with 72 holes on both of the extraordinary courses; Dunes and Sands. They will be played using stableford scoring.
  3. You must be available to travel to the Grand Final in Belek, Turkey November 2021.
  4. Should you be successful in making it to the Grand Final in Belek in November 2021, you will need to obtain a Turkish visa. This can be obtained at and should be obtained at least 48 hours before travel. To be on the safe side, we suggest this is done no later than Wednesday 18th November 2020. An e-Visa costs $35 (plus $1.05 service fee).
  5. Return flights will be provided from Manchester to Antalya however finalists will be required to pay the taxes on the flights. This will be no more than £200.
  6. Finalists must have their own Travel Insurance and Golf Insurance.
  7. Rooms at the Sueno Deluxe are offered on a twin basis for pairs and single occupancy for Individual finalists.  Preferential rates for guests or partners are available, please contact the Amatours team for further information;
  8. Airport transfers are provided between Antalya airport and the Sueno Deluxer Resort, however All finalists must make their own way to/from Manchester airport on the day of departure/return.
  9. Amatours LLP reserve the right to change the venue of the grand final at any time without notice. This will only be deemed necessary should there arise a risk to the integrity of Amatours Matchplay
  10. Amatours LLP will settle the competition by suitable consideration, if play is not possible on any day of the Grand Final.
  11. Force majeure – Amatours LLP will not be liable for any failure or delay in fulfilling the Regional or Grand Final arising from or attributable to acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond its reasonable control (“Force Majeure Event”), Including but not limited to any of the following: Acts of God, flood, earthquake, windstorm or other natural disaster or adverse weather conditions;  Any damage or other emergency relating to the Venue, or collapse of building structures or failure of machinery; Closure of roads or cancellation of any air travel relevant to the Event; Interruption or failure of utility service, including but not limited to electric power, gas or water. Fire, explosion or accident. Epidemic or pandemic. We will use reasonable endeavours to give you reasonable advance notice if we believe a Force Majeure Event may affect the Event or require its cancellation or postponement.  In such circumstances we will co-operate with you to seek to find a suitable alternative date for the Event. If we are required to change, cancel or postpone the Regional Final or Grand Final as a result of a Force Majeure Event, we shall use all reasonable endeavours to seek alternative dates or a suitable alternative Venue.

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